There are three commands for snippet_cli.

  • snippet_cli setup
  • snippet_cli new
  • snippet_cli help


Run snippet_cli setup if you've just installed the gem, or your snippet_cli_config.txt file has been deleted. This command writes a config file that tells snippet_cli where to find your snippets yaml file to write new snippets to it.


Run snippet_cli new whenever you'd like to add a new snippet to your espanso configuration. This will launch a dialog that asks you a few questions to set the snippet.

  • The trigger you choose will automatically have a colon : prepended to it.
  • There is also an option in the dialog to use snippet_cli to add a snippet which invokes a form on your computer
  • Indentation will be maintained once you copy text into the replacement text field in your terminal.
  • Hit Ctrl + D to exit the dialog once you're finished.


Run snippet_cli help if you want to find out where to send any feedback or find documentation about the gem.